Women are Emerging

Women are standing up to take their place in their world is greater and greater numbers. Others are "Measuring" them.

My stand in relationship to women's role in this world has shifted greatly from my birth community's teachings.

If we measure with a ruler with digits missing, the entire structure will be unstable. The same is true with women. If we begin with incorrect or missing truths, their value will be lost. As a Radical Mystic, I will share new views for contemplation.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mother Earth Adds Her Voice

The focus of my work with women expanded with information I was given from the Intelligent Being we call Mother Earth, the voice from the member of our Divine family who holds the space for the manifestation we call "our planet".

She came to me in Spring 1997 as I sat on Orcas Island to rejuvenate from a very intense care giving time for my daughter, Carolyn.

I share the Mother's words as they came to me. May they touch your heart!

Sharon Riegie

Spring, 1997
Dow Bay, Orcas Island, WA
"Greetings, my daughter. We are here today to begin awakening women, to remind them of the magic of being female. 
“There is a large circle of your Spiritual Sisters here and as Mother Earth I will be spokesperson. We want you to know that we, the Golden Dragons, are here!"
Now the question is, “What can I say to my daughters that will free them quickly? How to give truths so that all women around the world will drop off the false masks, heavy chains and get humanity out of its’ death cycle. Yes, you are in a death cycle, you have a death wish, living under the heavy mantle of many death wishes, and it is time to snap out of it!
"Well, let me see,” and there was a pause. And then the words continued. 

“We must begin were we begin and pray that our love will be enough to lift our sisters into their clarity and power.
"We plan to be practical, use common sense, and suggest a lot of magic. It is my purpose to provide a path so women can step into their true mission. This information is like none other for it is from the Ancient One, the crone of the earth, the Mother returning truth and purpose to her daughters, the Goddess you have had ripped away from yourself. My dear one, with my help, you will dream awake the bones of your mothers and of the female mission. The deep commitment you feel for Natalie’s safety and happiness is a representation of this mission. You do this for her and for all future generations."
"I reach out to my daughters, my sisters, my mothers and grandmothers. I gather you all in my arms to return you to the heart, soul and power of yourselves. 
"I gather you onto my lap, wrap you in protection, in invisibility, in love and in joy as I rock you and sing the songs of your beginnings.
"To awaken a desire to know your beginnings you need only look into the eyes of your children and feel your heart ache for their safety. To find the courage to find your roots you need only feel the pain as you look out over the world in its rush into war and greed. To deepen your commitment to plant your feet onto the Earth and say, “No more!” you need only acknowledge the heavy sense of insanity and powerlessness many lie down with each night. Have you sensed the emptiness around you?” 
“Your children are ready to live in new ways. My question to all of my sisters is, “Are you ready to help them?’ 
"Deep inside, so deep inside that it may be but a flicker, you know that things are not as they ought to be. In that deep inner place, the place that you dare not touch for fear of the pain and of the rage, you tell yourself that you must keep still. You tell yourself that others will do it. You tell yourself that it is not a woman’s place. While at the same time, you know that in keeping still, expecting others, or waiting for the men, you and your children will die.
"In our cave, deeply hidden, in circle we wait. There are others with me. We are your sisters. We are together, eyes closed, heads bowed; waiting, hoping, still. We have turned ourselves off because we must. But, be assured. We are not dead. We are not despondent. We wait by choice for the moment of your awakening. We watch. We listen. And we wait. We have waited for generations. When you awaken, when you come out of your imposed stupor, when you see the loss of your true selves, our mission together can begin.
"Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and sink deeply within yourself. Sit beside us. You can sense, see, and feel our circle. Breath. Be still and know your place with us.”
"Notice our calm, the depth of our clarity, the absoluteness of our love, the vigilance in our quiet. Breath. Feel our energy embrace you. We hold the mission of women waiting to re-emerge. We hold the truth of your grandeur, wisdom and power. 
“We are not frightened, frivolous or fretful. We know we will prevail. We know that love will triumph. We know that our Greater family will walk into their Divine nobility.”
"Come, sit within our circle. Let our stillness permeate you until you know our space, until you become one with us. We have held the remembrance and now we invite you to step out of your drama into the remembrance. We have held truth for you. There is nowhere you need to get; this place has been with you forever. We hold space and now, we are ready to enfold you within our circle.
“Listen as I, the Mother, tell your story."
"My dear daughters, sisters, you have been lead down the garden path, as they say."
"You have been raped, tortured, enslaved. All this was done in the hope that you, all women, would forget who they are. Many, no most of you, have gone into the dramas and have played the roles written for you: the role of harlot, bitch, victim, witch, crazy, valueless, crazy, slave. You have cut off your sisters, turned on each other, competed for the attention of men, clawed to keep each other small, denied your value and place, and played roles assimilated to the culture of enslavement. 
“You have done all of these things to keep your true, precious Selves from being totally destroyed. Generation after generation you secreted away your magic. First you hide is away within my stones, water, air and fire. Then, you tamped their call deep within your bones and bought the voices that discounted your intuitive wisdom and clear seeing visions. Lifetime after lifetime you locked your knowledge, boxed and hidden away within yourselves. Time after time you sided with the oppressors to still their power to destroy you. In village after village you stood in secret circles and promised to keep yourself and your sisters small in order to preserve women’s lives. And more importantly, you have played the roles to keep this secret cave undiscovered. I repeat you have played lesser roles in order to keep the secret of women and the strength of women protected. 
“Hear me!
"You have come to believe that you are the roles. After being in the dramas of fear and cruelty used to force your mothers and grandmothers into subservience, you have come to believe you have no value. You have assumed that females are weak, are disgusting, are were nothing. 
“The truth is that you began playing these roles to preserve the power of females. From a place of magnificence, of intelligence, of commitment you CHOSE to pretend weakness. You have put yourself through the fires of hell to protect the sacred female mission, to protect all who know the truth of sisterhood and to preserve your flicker of deep inner light until we could all rise to our mission, the mission of women to lead this world into glorious expressions of our Divine Nature.
"We are telling you that the need to be false is over! The strength of your eternal intelligence, wholeness and authority has been re-membered in the highest dimensions of Light. You can no longer hold on to the false roles. It is not a matter of being strong and clear when you are ready. We are ready! All of the false masks, false protections, and false roles among women must be removed. We tell you that it is time to unplug from the dramas of false roles and subjugating systems. Unplug. We have established impermeable boundaries that provide environments for the evolution of humankind, boundaries that give you safety. 
"Sisters, we are ready to roar with you as lions, ready to run as wolves, ready to weave magic into the world. We are ready to wake up and move mountains! We are the Golden Dragons holding Female Truth and YOU are one of us!"

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What Is the Original Mission of Females?

How far back can we go? Not far enough to reconnect with the original reason for gender.

Sexuality and procreation you say?

You would be wrong?

How dare I postulate?

Well, a radical mystic, which is what I am, does not rely on traditional "history", written "experts", or assumptions made from archeological digs. As fun as they are to read and consider, they do not contain truths about our beginning and history.

How do I know?

Well, in 1971, I was curious about connecting with "god"to get advise about raising my growing family. My husband and I had four daughters and had set the goal of twelve, as crazy as that seems in today's world. My "tradition" said that it was my role as a woman to birth children, lots of them, arrows for "god".

Over the next four years I could ask any question and there a presence appeared with advise and answers. I found the information accurate and in some cases, life changing.

In 1975, my life took a major turn. My husband was killed in a car accident and was buried the day before our 8th child was born. After that, I turned to those in the unseen more often with questions in my new role as mother and father.  The stories of that part of my journey are for another time, except to say that for the next fourteen years those spiritual teachers proved invaluable.

In 1989 I was faced with the options to learn about crystals, chakras and hands-on energy work. During that process, I discovered that going ay the present pace of healing was too slow for the gifts that my clients had. So, I asked my spiritual team to lead me to a teacher who taught a deeper process of "going to the cause of humanity's pain, limits and self-sabotage."

I was told that it (going to the "cause") was not being done on the planet and if I wanted to offer deeper work, I would have to learn the hidden history from them. My spiritual teachers of over 18 years offered to become my guides on this new adventure.

Sounded good to me and so we began.

I learned that each individual on the plane is here as a part of a galactic, divine mission. Each has also chosen a specific purpose for this lifetime. I worked with that information and it lead to the question, "Is there an assigned or divine mission for women and for men. Is there a "bigger" reason a soul chooses to incarnate into a female body rather than a male body for a current life?"

Doubting that a gender mission was the case, I was surprised to learn that "Yes, there is a divine mission for each gender. For female is it using power and for male it is unconditional love." Women lead and men nurture? We have that backwards on the planet, I thought.

And so began my deeper quest as to why, what, how and when.

Put very simply, there are two parts to the Original Female Mission.
  • 1st part... To come into the body suit designed as female. Then walk this new planet, for it was a new planet/experience for our greater family, connect with the energies of the earth/Mother. With this connection in place females were to design and manaifest a plan for the support and thriving of those who were coming on this mission to the planet. The female was to work with Mother earth and design the "garden".  Wandering, growing, gathering, planting, perhaps wandering to a new spot to design, plant, grow, and gather again. It  was her job to make sure there would be sustenance for the coming family. This was not a "birthing of children" stage. During this time, the male's assignment was to nurture, encourage, affirm unlimited possibility and bring love to her endeavors.
  • 2nd part... Once the female knew the growing/manifesting process, recognized her part in it, tasted and knew the outcome of her design, she was ready for the next phase. This phase required preparation and so the keeper of this female mission of wisdom, the activator of the solar plexus chakra, came into the lush garden and invited the female to come and be taught. "I will teach you to know the manifestations, to taste the difference of good as opposed to the manifestations that will come from energies of "evil". One will cause your mission family to thrive and the other will cause them to constrict and live in limits." The women's job, and I would add my opinion - the most critical job, was to discern which energy and forms would enliven the family and which energy and forms would constrict the family. Along with this responsibility of discernment, only the female had the authority to command the constriction/poisons from her garden and off the planet. Clearing of all energy and forms of entrapment, constrictions, toxins, etc from the planet was intended to be done before any children were birthed.

And so, the missing Sacred Female Mission is not about being present, acknowledged, heard and in balance with our soul family members in Male body suits. It is not even about being the visionaries. It is about females being present in a specific way, with a specific purpose. It was the female presence and voice that was to design systems for thriving, to dictate policy that benefited all in the web of life AND it was the female who had the  authority to discern what was toxic to the web, and to be heard. It was female who was to be obeyed as she commanded the elimination and removal of all forms of entrapment, occupation, toxic creations, deceitful information, abusive behaviors, greed based agendas, etc.

Adding females living their original divine assignment as the leadership for this planet with men who bring all of their heart/love strength and vision to female design and discernment work will cause the shift we have been missing since the beginning of our planet's history.

Female mission is not about procreation. What is lacking is not male/female balance. Those are traditionally accepted concepts that will keep our world trapped.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March, 2013 and Women are Marching

Mahatma Gandhi said: “Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex.” 
 We are now into March! Last year I was working with some incredible women to get ready for the first Women's Grassroots Congress!

The Founding Mothers of the first Women's Grassroots Congress didn't wait to be given permission to declare! They stood up and put their collective foot down! 
"These values must be the foundation of decisions and policies from this day forward", they said...
Values, Declaration and Vision


 In commemoration of the Founding Mother's declaration of Values, Women's History month and International Women's Day, I am sharing the EGG as my profile pic... watch for more radical mystic insights into the women issue this month! 

Radical Mystic insight... "It was not the primary role of women to be the nurturer."
Can you guess what the major intended role for women was?

I am looking for comments on the question.... any guesses?