Women are Emerging

Women are standing up to take their place in their world is greater and greater numbers. Others are "Measuring" them.

My stand in relationship to women's role in this world has shifted greatly from my birth community's teachings.

If we measure with a ruler with digits missing, the entire structure will be unstable. The same is true with women. If we begin with incorrect or missing truths, their value will be lost. As a Radical Mystic, I will share new views for contemplation.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What Is the Original Mission of Females?

How far back can we go? Not far enough to reconnect with the original reason for gender.

Sexuality and procreation you say?

You would be wrong?

How dare I postulate?

Well, a radical mystic, which is what I am, does not rely on traditional "history", written "experts", or assumptions made from archeological digs. As fun as they are to read and consider, they do not contain truths about our beginning and history.

How do I know?

Well, in 1971, I was curious about connecting with "god"to get advise about raising my growing family. My husband and I had four daughters and had set the goal of twelve, as crazy as that seems in today's world. My "tradition" said that it was my role as a woman to birth children, lots of them, arrows for "god".

Over the next four years I could ask any question and there a presence appeared with advise and answers. I found the information accurate and in some cases, life changing.

In 1975, my life took a major turn. My husband was killed in a car accident and was buried the day before our 8th child was born. After that, I turned to those in the unseen more often with questions in my new role as mother and father.  The stories of that part of my journey are for another time, except to say that for the next fourteen years those spiritual teachers proved invaluable.

In 1989 I was faced with the options to learn about crystals, chakras and hands-on energy work. During that process, I discovered that going ay the present pace of healing was too slow for the gifts that my clients had. So, I asked my spiritual team to lead me to a teacher who taught a deeper process of "going to the cause of humanity's pain, limits and self-sabotage."

I was told that it (going to the "cause") was not being done on the planet and if I wanted to offer deeper work, I would have to learn the hidden history from them. My spiritual teachers of over 18 years offered to become my guides on this new adventure.

Sounded good to me and so we began.

I learned that each individual on the plane is here as a part of a galactic, divine mission. Each has also chosen a specific purpose for this lifetime. I worked with that information and it lead to the question, "Is there an assigned or divine mission for women and for men. Is there a "bigger" reason a soul chooses to incarnate into a female body rather than a male body for a current life?"

Doubting that a gender mission was the case, I was surprised to learn that "Yes, there is a divine mission for each gender. For female is it using power and for male it is unconditional love." Women lead and men nurture? We have that backwards on the planet, I thought.

And so began my deeper quest as to why, what, how and when.

Put very simply, there are two parts to the Original Female Mission.
  • 1st part... To come into the body suit designed as female. Then walk this new planet, for it was a new planet/experience for our greater family, connect with the energies of the earth/Mother. With this connection in place females were to design and manaifest a plan for the support and thriving of those who were coming on this mission to the planet. The female was to work with Mother earth and design the "garden".  Wandering, growing, gathering, planting, perhaps wandering to a new spot to design, plant, grow, and gather again. It  was her job to make sure there would be sustenance for the coming family. This was not a "birthing of children" stage. During this time, the male's assignment was to nurture, encourage, affirm unlimited possibility and bring love to her endeavors.
  • 2nd part... Once the female knew the growing/manifesting process, recognized her part in it, tasted and knew the outcome of her design, she was ready for the next phase. This phase required preparation and so the keeper of this female mission of wisdom, the activator of the solar plexus chakra, came into the lush garden and invited the female to come and be taught. "I will teach you to know the manifestations, to taste the difference of good as opposed to the manifestations that will come from energies of "evil". One will cause your mission family to thrive and the other will cause them to constrict and live in limits." The women's job, and I would add my opinion - the most critical job, was to discern which energy and forms would enliven the family and which energy and forms would constrict the family. Along with this responsibility of discernment, only the female had the authority to command the constriction/poisons from her garden and off the planet. Clearing of all energy and forms of entrapment, constrictions, toxins, etc from the planet was intended to be done before any children were birthed.

And so, the missing Sacred Female Mission is not about being present, acknowledged, heard and in balance with our soul family members in Male body suits. It is not even about being the visionaries. It is about females being present in a specific way, with a specific purpose. It was the female presence and voice that was to design systems for thriving, to dictate policy that benefited all in the web of life AND it was the female who had the  authority to discern what was toxic to the web, and to be heard. It was female who was to be obeyed as she commanded the elimination and removal of all forms of entrapment, occupation, toxic creations, deceitful information, abusive behaviors, greed based agendas, etc.

Adding females living their original divine assignment as the leadership for this planet with men who bring all of their heart/love strength and vision to female design and discernment work will cause the shift we have been missing since the beginning of our planet's history.

Female mission is not about procreation. What is lacking is not male/female balance. Those are traditionally accepted concepts that will keep our world trapped.

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