Women are Emerging

Women are standing up to take their place in their world is greater and greater numbers. Others are "Measuring" them.

My stand in relationship to women's role in this world has shifted greatly from my birth community's teachings.

If we measure with a ruler with digits missing, the entire structure will be unstable. The same is true with women. If we begin with incorrect or missing truths, their value will be lost. As a Radical Mystic, I will share new views for contemplation.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Women's Gatherings, The Greater Good?

What we “lost” at the Eve juncture was not really “lost”. When occupying forces swept through the inhabited areas of Earth, the Wisdom Culture that had experienced the power of the female's intuitive visioning and declarations for the Good of all life, saw the handwriting on the wall, so to speak. In some situations, there were great battles with the destruction, terror, and death that always accompanies war. In other situations, the cultural wisdom keepers were hidden for as long as possible, hoping to wait out the dominator’s presence. In other situations, the women themselves made sacred contracts within their circle to secret their knowledge and pretend obedience in order to keep the village, their families and themselves alive to “fight” another day. Perhaps the Eve figure represents that last choice.

The time of the oppressing parasitic cultures has lasted longer than any would have supposed. The impact of torture, rape, burning at the stake, drowning, has taken its tool on women and on the world. Through the burning times, women learned many things. They began to stay small, hide their gifts, diminish visions, fight one another for the approval of the male oppressors, be nice, hide anger, disconnect from other women, make themselves less “female”, point out the flaws of other women and obey the male voice as the ultimate authority. While suppression and assimilation is what so many women in the world today fight against, those whose ancestral lines come through the earth areas of the burning times, many in the West, have no awareness that this long ago suppression and assimilation has left them in a context of enslavement. They do not know they are puppets of the colonizers. These sisters, and I am one, are just beginning to wake up to their Divine Magnificence as visionaries and leaders beyond being such nurturers.

The good news is that what was not destroyed were the deep, mighty, interwoven roots held in Mother Earth. The trees were toppled, the new sprouts were trimmed into smallness but the roots of those long ago cultures and indigenous villages remain. In this time of awakening, women are emerging from a deep inner impulse. The impulse is coming from their tribal mothers, from the roots which have grown strong. These emerging “trees” will not be trimmed, crippled, diminished into smallness.

What might we expect, what patterns are appearing that can quickly lead us back to our magnificence?There are three that I see.

One, a growing passion awaking and calling women into something greater. They will not know what the “greater” is and may have various ways of describing this inner urge. It is an urge that will not be denied as in the past.

Second, there is a drawing together. Women following their personal impulse are finding others who are also “following impulse”. A forming is occurring. The forming is numberless. Two, or ten or hundreds or thousands are showing up and finding themselves together with “sisters” they did not know they had. The “together” might be a friend's party, a national event, a political rally, a sewing class, a discussion group, a women's circle, an internet social page or a soccer field.

Third, being together occasionally is not enough and so commitments are being made to gather in some regular fashion. What is important to consider is that we are finding our “lost” villages, our communities from the energy of our indigenous roots. These are not frivolous, happenstance situations. These are reunions and the attention we pay to them, the time and commitment we give to them and awareness we glean from them will become the life blood of the new world of Good for all life.

Those are the three I have been seeing, especially in the past four months. There is another emerging pattern that could become the number four. However, it is so valuable that I want it to be a stand alone concept until we fully embrace it.
The next pattern is very ancient. This is a pattern that assimilated women have lost. I was really made aware of it in 2008 at the gathering, Constellations of Hope. There were several women from the First Nations in attendance. I was struck by their introduction message. They spoke of receiving the invitation to come and of being in conversation with their tribal elders relating to that possibility. With the decision made for them to attend, they were sent with a message from their elders to those of us at Constellations. They were also very clear that they were not here for themselves. They would be taking what of value they learned here back to their community as the gift from our gathering. I sat there as a single woman who had been taught to work hard, do it yourself, be perfect, don't ask for help – all the result of assimilation, by the way – and thought where is my tribe? Who cares if I am here? Who is waiting to hear the value that I might gain?

And so the fourth pattern that is emerging is not really forming yet. It is a model for holding hands that could arise after our coming together into communities. One concept of the old survival, assimilated lifestyle that would hinder this is the idea of “us vs. them”. This concept shows up as “my thoughts/ideas are the only right ones”, my religious teachings are the only “right ones”, my healing modality is the “most powerful one”, my political candidate or social issues is the most “critical one”, because if that is not true, I have no value. Diversity, which is an integral aspect of life on this planet, is a reason for separation and divisiveness in a fear based system. Diversity, in a love based culture, is the basis of expansion, abundance, thriving and greater understanding.

The fourth pattern is one that we can consciously bring into form by using a model such as the First Nations. You are not an individual walking this journey. As a member of one diverse community, you go out into the world with a intentional message beyond your own to be given. With your presence, your community is gifted within the gatherings. Then, you are present with intention to truly listen to the other “community delegates” in order that the value they add is taken back to enhance your community.

If you have wondered how the craziness in the world could ever shift, consider that the Next Step is to build coalitions. Then truly Weave the World. We hold hands, march in each other's parades, be in each other's events as delegates, listen to each other with respect, pause to hear the values of our sharings, and then with this greater collective womb, we breath the earth into our Weave. The birth/evolution into an expanded, abundant, generous, loving, peaceful and joyful world will come naturally from the collective womb of women who declare it to be so!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Garden, Eden, Lilith and Tragedy

Control and disenfranchisement exist beyond ethnicity and color. We are all enslaved in some way. Most of us do no know that we are. I speak of women, their husbands and children in the “privilege” of the West. Slavery, discrimination, discounting, disenfranchisement are alive and well here.

Lillian Tubman in speaking of her work with the Underground Railroad said,”Yes, I saved thousands. I could have saved so many more IF they would have known they were slaves.”
When we wake up to see that enslavement includes millions yet to identify their "chains", our eyes will truly be open to the truth that can allow us to “be free”. Then, we will rise in the numbers needed to end the domination, occupation, entitlement agenda and call forth a new culture for the good of all in the web of life.

How did we get here?

Stories mold the consciousness and the dreams. Goals and actions emerge from this deep, unseen field created by stories. As you look around the world today, realize that what we are experiencing both in our personal lives and within countries is the end result of stories. It is very important that we look for beginnings. There are many cultures, countries, families and even individuals all creating and living stories. Could there be one story that is the foundation for all that we see in the world?

Of course not. However, there is a compilation of Judeo-Christian stories that have had a powerful influence in creating a context that touches millions upon millions within our world.

President Jimmy Carter, as a spokesperson for the Elders, a group of distinguished world leaders said, “We have spend the last two years trying to understand what has lead to the violence that women are experiencing. We have concluded that it is a result of religions where women are denied equal right to serve god, treated as inferior, have lost their feminine deity and are made to be subservient. This sets the example for domineering men to persecute, abuse and deprive women. It is a thread that has not been publicly discussed before.”

Many women are identifying a system that they feel has diminished them, the patriarchy. What is the story that gives the patriarchy rights to dominate? What is the story that women carry that makes subjugation possible?

Why would we even want to examine our stories, the foundations of our culture, our traditions? Well, maybe because the world is in the state it is in? Because what we have isn't working so well. Because those who have been fighting to change the system, those who have been mending those damaged by the system, those who have tried to pretend that all is well are very tired. Because we are on the verge of greater tragedy.

There is a story of a village that was situated on the bank of a magnificent river. The river was the flow of all that was needed for life. One day one of the villagers noticed a basket flooding down the river. Upon investigation, she discovered a swaddled baby tucked into the basket. With great love, she took the baby in. As the day passed more and more baskets with babies came around the bend in the river. So many baskets came that the village was overwhelmed. No one thought to go upstream to discover why so many mothers felt the need to put their babies into the river.

Today, we have so many baskets flooding down our river that even the river itself is tainted.

I suggest that upstream to the beginning is where change must happen. I will tell you a story that may be very different from the one that you were told. Your initial reaction might be one of confusion or even anger.
But, what is the first story many of us have heard about our earth? The garden. The myth of the garden from Judeo-Christian sources.
What do you know about the Garden? It was lush. It sustained life. It was abundant. Everything that human beings needed was found there. It came into existence effortlessly. It was beautiful. The male and female worked harmoniously to cause it to come into being.

That is a lot from just a few words in the myth account.

What do you know about Lilith? Not much I would guess. She is purported to be the first female in partnership with Adam. We can conclude that they worked together to create the Garden. Love, respect, honoring of each other, peaceful and in alignment about life on Earth and being together. Those possibilities are not really mentioned in the handed down story although it is recorded elsewhere.

At some point, Lilith becomes the “bad” one. What did she do or not do? It can be assumed by the symbol of the serpents that she carries, the serpent, the ancient symbol for Wise Teacher that will give us a clue. For that part of the story we can switch to what we have been told about the next female partner, Eve.

When the serpent came to the female, first Lilith and then Eve, it was to invite her to a unique experience, tasting the fruit of the tree so that she could know good and evil. Undoubtedly, Lilith was invited first and like Eve, said yes.
Lilith had the experience. She discovered that all was not well on the planet. She experienced for herself the impact of energy seeds that are based on control, usury, deceit and found it's “taste” was clearly identifiable  It's taste indicated that it would take away the life of the human family and was labeled “evil”.

Then, these other accounts continue, Lilith was told that she would have to become subservient to the male, Adam. Her voice would not be heard or valued. Lilith sensed the “evil” of constriction that came with being subservient. This was not his request. It came from some “god”. She refused. She would not let go of the experience given her by the serpent, the wise teacher. Her hold on the wisdom brought by the serpent was solid. Her commitment to her own sense of knowing was fierce. Her love of the greater family and what would bring them the greatest good was unshakable. Lilith has been demonized because she would not turn her wisdom, voice, discernment over to the male who was under the control of this "god".

Lilith was removed from her place and then we have the story that was spun with Eve. Eve who tasted the tree, knew that good and evil existed and then chose to go into a more subservient role with Adam.

In addition, The Outsiders re-engineered the body suit, the vehicle for the Soul, which left only two power centers intact: Base to survive and Creative morphed to highly sexualizing the Male body suit.

What did women lose by accepting Eve story?
  1. The right to intuit and declare what would cause health and abundance for our families
  2. Our innate Good which was labeled as sinful ­-
  3. A culture that created effortlessly and abundantly.
  4. A culture that lived abundantly, equitable, contributing and thriving by doing we loved
What did women gain by accepting the Eve story?
  1. A hierarchical system with women on the bottom, ruled over by men who are ruled over by “god”
  2. A work ethic that requires human to sweat and be satisfied with “bread”
  3. A state of denial as to what is good for ourselves and those we love and what is not
This story has given way to individuals, groups, governments that target females because they have the ability and right to discern and to call out what is destructive. Eons of destructive behavior; rape, torture, discounting, dismissal, and murder stemmed from the dark commitment to destroy women's will to intuit, stand in clarity and speak the truth. This targeted destruction has informed female decisions to stay small, be nice, be quiet, etc. over the generations. This concept, lost in present thought, exists very powerfully in the knowingness of those who hold the agenda of control and usury. They know the power of women to take away their positions.

Time to put the Garden lie onto the table of awareness. Time to reconnect to the Garden; the time of women's equality and valuing. Time for women to stand together from roots deeper, stronger, older than any man made structure.

Our Lilith is alive and well and we will never let go of our Wisdom, our Vision, our Voice and our Love.

Then the world responds and turns from lead into gold. 
The Alchemy of Women!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Plus One Does Not Equal Two

Critical thinking begins with a concept. There is nothing that requires that the basic premise be accurate. Critical thinking is simply a model in which a concept, any concept, can be taken to its logical conclusion. Therefore, if the concept is incorrect or jaded, the conclusion will be incorrect or jaded. 

For example, many have observed that when some women, who we assume hold a female value system of wisdom, relationship building, and good for all of life, gets into corporate or political positions of leadership, she acts like the males supporting profit over people and we wonder why. Women who have power to set policy will make decisions and bring better good for all is our concept. Right. One plus one equals two of course. And so when that does not happen, we wonder is something amiss with this woman?

What is not factored into this idea of women in leadership is thatwe exist in a context created by systems built from agendas. A system that has been weighted over generations and generations of  “male” principles, and I use that term lightly, is a system rigid in profit, win-lose, you are with us or are the enemy, domination, obedience to authority, and the diminishing of women.

Traditionally, the values of women have been seen as: transparency, actions that prioritize relationships, enhancement of all in the web of life, and encouraging collaboration. These are a very different agenda, system and would result in a vastly different situations. 

When a woman goes into the system of control with the expectation that her presence will cause a change, finds that one plus one does not equal two. It equals one. The entrenched system of domination comes out on top as the ”one”.

A discussion table where the others view women as a “token” will diminish, devalue, ignore and soon her option is to get on board the old boy network or be locked out. Human beings are smart. They have learned to survive.Any group that has been discriminated against has learned to side with the controlling group, defend their actions, mimic their ideas and deny their discrimination. 

Women, often denying the fact, have lived generations in a system that diminishes them. Women are a group of ‘isms” without knowing it.

It had been thought that 33% females in leadership positions could bring new ideas for discussion and even make changes in policy. Recent studies suggest that any less than 67% females at most leadership tables will be discounted, ignored, held in contempt or treated with condensation. And if women don’t recognize that they are victims of a form of ism we will call womanism, they stay small wondering what is wrong with them when one plus one doesn’t add up to two.

As a woman wakes up, see a new vision, the clarity that she will need lots of others holding her hands, having her back as we transition out of our glorified enslavement... white woman "privilege" that has been our entrapment. Women holding hands with on another puts them on the freedom train to the new culture where one plus one will equal two. A culture that values and includes its women, that is the two we all want. 

“ I freed thousands of slaves and could have feed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.”
Harriet Tubman

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clarity Trumps Anger!

"I totally understand the anger that motivated women to burn their bras in the 1960’s. And although I appreciate that those women stood up, I look around at the opportunities that I have as a woman in 2013 and can’t imagine life without options. 

"What I wonder about is my lack of anger. I know that there are still situations that are not good for women, for children and yet I have enough benefits in my life that I cannot muster up the anger. Anger motivated our mothers, anger fueled their actions and brought them together. Anger caused things to change.

"What about my motivation?"

This was a conversation into which I was invited.  When I am given the floor,  I will bring the mystic view. What is below the seen? What has been hidden in the shadows of the past? What has been buried in the Bones of our Ancestral Mothers?

For generations women gathered together monthly during their menses time. While their younger sisters were gathered, the Elder Crones sat in counsel with their wisdom and insight.  The women sang, they danced. They shared stories. They laughed. They cried. They visioned. Needs were laid in the circle space. Situations looking for solutions were spoken into their circle. The good of their children and loved ones was priority. They counseled together in transparency and wisdom.

These gatherings were not frivolous events. During those times, daily obligations were handled by others . Everyone in the village knew that the clarity and discernment of these women kept the entire village and each families healthy, happy and safe.

Our ancestral mothers were not motivated by anger. They were motivated by their clarity, their belly knowing, by their sacred trust to maintain the environment that allowed their village and families to thrive. Men and women knew that females held the deepest commitment to values that benefited the entire village They knew that women had the sensitivity of belly wisdom to feel when there was any “power gone awry”.

Their sensitivity could discern any shift that brought constriction that would lead to a diminishing of life; greed, deceit, discounting, discrimination, control, abuse, etc. Women spoke their word, "not acceptable", as a command. Whoever had brought these ideas or agendas would be removed. Domination and usury was not allowed in their village.

Anger has occurred because women have been stripped of their right to declare, "not acceptable!" and be heard. 

The Mystic View is that it is women's right to design social cultures that benefit all. This view is what has been discounted by the agenda of Control

What women had been left with was frustration and anger. It was the way that their cries could be expressed. The female's cry was, "This society is under domination, our energy is being sucked away, our children are suffering!" It was the female's cry to wake us up. It was critically important.

It is the female's belly wisdom that remembers that women are the intended architects for good. It is this deep knowing that will lead our world to restore systems that benefit humanity. Clarity of the female mission to stand firmly for cultures and systems of Good will create a culture of thriving rather than entrapment and lack.

Clarity anchors our feet to stay for as long as it takes and say, "not acceptable"! It isn't about power or battles to overwhelm. It is about the right of the female to discern, to speak the truth, to be heard and for changes to be designed.   

And now, there are millions of men who are standing with their global sisters in declaring, "not acceptable!"

The emerging voices of women will not be stopped!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Power in Choice

Choices Are Made for Birth and for Death

With deep integrity, Beings of Spirit, no matter how much they want to assist to end suffering, will not step in and direct our show. They will wait for the command/degree from those in physical bodies. We ask, they assist in the doing. We ask, and they assist in whispering the steps. We ask from a soul shift and our command moves the mountains in our lives.

That flies in the face of many personal growth, metaphysical, new age concepts that give the impression that the highest consciousness is to have Universe, Source, Greater Power tell you what is best. We have limited view, you see. Not! The power of choice, command, decree rests with those in physical body suits... you and I!

I am also very fortunate in that I have had 30 years of experience in asking questions directly to an amazing team of Spiritual teachers in the unseen. I have asked in other's behalf such questions as, "Is this situation manifesting because of inherited concepts, contracts, personal choice, mistaken ideas, etc.?" I was able to ask them, "Does my original plan contain my death this year?" I am finding that there are those who assume why a situation is manifesting. They read another's ideas or experience and take that as their answers. For example, I have two friends both with life threatening cancer diagnosis. As I asked their Higher Selves the reason for the disease, the answer for my first friend was that she had not planned to die at this time and yet she had made a powerful choice to "leave this #!@ planet" because of the deep pain during a relationship breakup. That choice had begun a disease to manifest this wish. When I tried to tell her with the suggestion that she could release the command and do the work to stop the disease, she discounted the information. She was sure that it was only a message from the Universe that she needed to slow down and rest. 

My second friend asked for my help also. When I checked with her Higher Self, I was told that she had planned that her life would end soon. Cancer was the manifestation of that original plan. And, like me, she was not ready. She listened, understood, made a new choice and is doing the integrated work to re-frame her life. 

I was so glad that I clearly understood the law, "Ask and ye shall receive" and had the experience to know what and how to ask. Otherwise, when my daughter gave me the information contained in my original plan, I would have bowed to death as the will of Source, who knows best for my life. I would have gotten my affairs in order.

I have great respect for the intelligence, creativity, vision and generosity of each of my Soul family members. As the spiritual aspect of this physical expression of me, my Soul- like yours- is magnificent beyond our ability to comprehend. I am getting a taste of how carefully we lay plans before we step into a physical body suit. I also know the immense changes that have come about during the last 13 years. Deep shifts that have made what had been impossible, possible. Although my Soul thought I would be ready to leave this year, my conscious self says, "No". That choice is the final say. Fortunately, my physical body had not been impacted by the pending disease to the point where the body could not turn around.

So here I am. A new grandma compressing herself in many ways, including packing boxes for storage in order to be ready for a new home in the fall. Compressing, resting and then choosing that the "explosion" of my own new birth will contain all of the magnificence of our Divine nature.
All is well!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Well Planned Death

As I am walking with the awareness of my plan to die in November 2013, various situations in my life take on new significance. Like my friend Wren.

Wren has lived in Shasta, CA for several years. The past January she decided that she was ready to move to Tuscon, AZ. As she made her plans for the move, she told me that she wanted to come for a visit me on her "way". Let's see. Wren is in Shasta, CA. I live in the Seattle, WA area. Her final destination is Tuscon, AZ. She wants to visit me on her "way" to Tuscon? Do you see my puzzlement?

Well, I knew that I would certainly enjoy spending time with her anytime and so I was glad to say yes!

It was during our time on Whidbey Island, time we had to talk, to contemplate, to cook together and to rest that I saw her visit from the "death" plan.  In the "death scenario, if she had gone directly to Tuscon, she and I would not have had a "last time" together. In that possibility, this visit would have been a perfect "ending" to our friendship.

I am amazed at the consideration that went into my life plan, and I am sure into yours. We are not here by chance, by accident, without purpose until we make it up. Because of that, I am staying very vigilant with my inner feelings, spiritual signals and power of my "in the now" command.

I have gone through the alert stage, the first ultrasound that discovered abnormalities in the thyroid, the medical visits, more extensive ultrasounds, and biopsies. The results of which are in.... no cancer within a 10% or less margin of error in the thyroid and nothing in the lymph.

Jumping ahead, my doctor who is very thorough, wanted a CT scan on the entire head and neck area. That has been done and all is well!

So, the projectory toward a death in November has changed dramatically.

The stage I am in now is working with my spiritual teams, designing a life beyond what was the end. I am sensing the "void", the "slow-down", the "completion" feelings that were part of the first plan as well of the growing excitement for the new.

Am I thrilled for the previous 30 years of working with spiritual healers and guides who have shown me how to see below the surface, into the shadows, past the minimal answers to discover the true "cause" of situations? I could have taken the standard line that the warning was just about me getting on a more "true" path. NOT!

We are so much more powerful and central to our lives than we have remembered!
Grateful for Unlimited Possibilities!

Monday, May 13, 2013

And Then, This Happened...

I cannot believe that it is already May 13! Once a few unexpected medical visits are added to one's calendar, other things, like keeping up with this blog, are crowded out.

The last time I wrote, I was on my way to have a full ultrasound on my thyroid and surrounding lymph glands. Thankfully, all of the processes so far were rather painless. Never the less, my daughters are now mothering me through this journey. They are taking turns sitting with me, either in the medical office or in the waiting room.

Just so you know, much of what I am now writing is a catch-up, like telling the story after the fact. Oh well...

The thyroid ultrasound showed some problematic nodes on the thyroid and in the lymph system. "Next step, " said my medical doctor, "is to have biopsies done on both thyroid and lymph." I agreed. This journey is not about preventing the use of Western medicine. This journey is about not ending my life in November. If more tests are needed to determine the steps the Western medical training would recommend, more tests it is.

I was told to come prepared to be there for two hours. "Will I need someone to drive me home?" I asked. That would not be necessary I was assured.

Nevertheless, with my daughter, Michelle, by my side, I went for my biopsy. She went into the waiting room and I went into the "lay-down and let us carefully poke your neck" room.
This is not my actual biopsy picture.....

Two hours later we were on our way home to wait for the results to be sent to my lymph doctor. By now in addition to my regular medical doctor I have two specialist: Endocrine doctor whom I have not met and Ear, Nose, Throat (lymph) doctor who is directing the show.

As I move forward with the Western pieces, I continue to use my zeolite product, my brown seaweed product, an anti-biotic for a mild sinus infection, Benoite clay packs on the right neck area, Vitamin C and lots of good water. I am in regular communication with my Spiritual team who are fully on board with my new choice to live without an end date. With this new choice, they can notify me with any thing that unbalances my systems, triggers old death energies and keep a vigil on those unseen fields that are the foundations for what becomes physical.  I am feeling really quite good.

My friend Wren is coming to visit me in Seattle on her "way" to a new home in Tuscon, AZ. Does that sound strange? Well, it will not seem so after I share the next installment of my saga along with the results of the biopsies.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cancer as Part of Healing Team

There are some bits of information that are not helpful for a medical doctor. Telling him that you just found out that you had included the time for your death in your pre-life plans and that date was six months away, is probably something that will cause his eyes to glaze over.

So, in my appointment with my regular medical physician, I simply brought him the findings from my carotid artery ultrasound with the comment that something irregular was going on in my thyroid. I figured that he would take it from there.

First, he was puzzled.

"Why did you have an ultrasound for the caroitid?"

"Because my Chinese doctor suggested we check out that part of the circulatory system." What I did not way was that Dr. Wang believes in prevention in anyway that will do no harm,

He asked if I had any thyroid symptom.

"Well," I replied, "just the strange throat and upper bronchial sensations that we had concluded were allergy related."

He filled a cup with water and had me drink as he felt the thyroid. Nothing "wrong" that he could detect and yet clearly the ultrasound showed nodules that ought not to be there.

Next, blood tests to see if there were any indications of thyroid abnormalities from that test. No. Nothing showed up.

"Well, the next step," he said, "is to go to some specialists; one for the thyroid and one for the lymph which may be involved."

Oh, did I mention. One member of my family died from thyroid cancer and another had to have her thyroid removed because of cancer.

With the two appointments set, I went home to resume my regime of zeolite, brown seaweed and clay packs. And, of course, conversations with my spiritual, healing team. My goal is not to prevent testing or surgery. My goal is to prevent my death in November 2013. Whatever it takes.

Because I respected cancer and death as forms responding to my own plan, I began to have conversations with them.  What was the message that cancer had for me? What was the job that I had given death? What in my energy fields will  prevent their release? What in any of my bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) needs more attention in order to let go of my original plan?

This is a model very close to my belief... integrated and inclusive
As I shared with a few friends who do healing work, the suggestion was made that I gather all of my strength and resources to "fight" cancer.

That did not fit my model of this world. My approach was that I had always been in charge. Death had been my choice at some point and was therefore not my "enemy". In conversations with cancer and death I valued their insight, awareness and contribution. We were on the same side. The side of causing my soul growth and accomplishing my soul's plan. They became valuable members of my team.

The first specialist, the lymph doctor- Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat, rushed me into an appointment for a full ultrasound on my thyroid and lymph.

Let's see what shows up with this full on look.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Messages Come. Am I Listening?

Death Whispered

As you might guess, when I told my children about the possibility of my death, my new choice and the ultra-sound discovery of problems in the thyroid, they were worried.

No, it was not okay with them for me to do my own work and then recheck the thyroid in one month.
Because I value, needless to say, my relationships with my children, I agreed to make an appointment with my medical doctor. Then, a new turn of events.

I woke up one morning at 3:20 am. Not super unusual, regular sleep break. Then, for the next 2 hours I lay, relaxed, lay, relaxed, lay, quieted my mind, lay... you get the picture.

Just as I was ready to nod off... my alarm went off! This is the same alarm that I had reset the night before because I didn't have an early morning call. Yet, here it was, going off. I touched my iPhone screen, turned over and took a deep breath, still time for a bit of sleep. But, no. I had touched the "snooze" link of the alarm and so it buzzed to alert me again.

For the next hour, I had alarms going off that I didn't see were set when I checked last nite. In all, 7 alarms between 3:50 am and the "real" one at 7:55 am.

What is with that?

Fortunately I have had years to notice energy at the various dimensions of our world. I will not ignore this mornings "alarms" or pass them off as "mistakes" or be angry at the disruptions. Energy, in whatever vibrational form it comes, carries information. With my current journey to stop my own "death" plan, it would be very foolhardy to not recoginize the energy forms of "alarms" and take time to get the message.

First, off to my morning job I said to those sending the alarms, "I got the message that I need to listen. I will take the time right after work and so you can relax, no more alarms." I find that this type of acknowledgement and conversation is important. Working with Spiritual beings is a two way conversations, no assumptions on my part that they are reading my mind.
This has been my experience for over 30 years!

Later that day, I sent to the sacred space I have used for years. Quieted my body, stilled my mind and made myself available to the information that comes beyond the "hearing" of my ears.

My first question, "Who knows the reason for the alarms?"

"I do," came the inner answer.

"What is your message for me?"

"There are more movements in the unseen energy fields that were there to support your plan to end your time in the physical body. Since you have changed that choice, you will need to address the complex energy forms that in process."

"How many patterns," I ask.


And so I turned my attention to ones would could give voice to those patterns which, I discovered, came from past experiences. Using processes from my energy healing toolbox, I discovered the patterns came from experience from the times when women were tortured, burned, and killed by those who feared their power to change structures of domination.The concepts were that life on Earth is not safe, being females is not safe, death is the outcome when a woman speaks out.

I used my Spiritual healing team to embrace and transform those patterns, release the aspects of myself that had been killed, and dissipated the death vibrations.

Messages send, received and applied.

My choice to remain on the planet is in tact...

Now, off to my medical doctor for the Western medical piece.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saying No To Death... Now What?

I had paid attention to the information from my daughter. I had checked out the validity of the information with my own Spiritual team and found it accurate. I had made the choice to change the death that I had evidently planned for myself. Now what?

Now... I went on with my activities with the underlying command, "I am living a long, healthy, meaningful life in this body suit on this planet."  Yes, a command. I have moved very far along the choice line from , "God gives me life situations and my responsibility is to do the best I can with them" to "I pray and hopefully god is out there to listen" to "God who?" to "I can change my life by changing my thoughts.... sometimes" to "I can have input into my life" to "I am the commander of my life within the greater web of energy response that holds all of us." That may make sense to some and no sense at all to others. For me, it is a very powerful stand in which no one and no thing is a more impact in my life than me. And, it is not about control of all things.

But I digress...

As I have said, I made an appoint to see Dr. Wang. By then, I had decided to ask about the heaviness I sometimes felt in my bronchial area and my shortness of breath when I did a bit of strenuous walking such as going up stairs. I had told my medical doctor over the past 3-4 years and he could find nothing wrong. Even the clinic training naturopaths offered no solutions. He took all of the pulses, listened to my, heart, lungs and bronchial area. He asked about family history, checked more and said with a rather heavy Chinese accent, "Heart good, lungs clear". Then he used a words I had never heard in my medical experience, "prevention" and "do no harm." I almost laughed.

He suggested that I could get an ultrasound of the carotid arteries that run on either side of the neck to take blood to the brain. There was no indication of problem, just as a baseline of that part of my circulatory system. Sounded good to me.

So the next day I am laying on a table having the ultra sound. The technician asks about my thyroid. Did I have hypo or hyper activity? "No," I replied. "Why?"

"Well," there are some abnormalities there, especially in the right thyroid. Because the carotids are next to the thyroid, we often catch problems that would otherwise go undetected. She even let the "c" word slip out. "I grew up in the downwind area of the nuclear testing.... one type of radiation is stored in the thyroid," I said as she knowingly nodded her head. "I will make a note of this on the report to your doctor," she said.

As I left the building, I asked my Spiritual team, "So, was this the way I would have had my life end?" "Yes," they replied. "And you could not have warned me because it was an expression of my plan to die?" "That is correct. Until you changed your plan, we had to honor your original word that you would be leaving this body this year. The way your end came would not have been a mistake, the result of negative thinking, because an external "god" wanted you home, or because you were finished with what you wanted to do. Some lives do end earlier than they had originally planned. That is not the case with you. Your death this year would have been the result of the plan you had made before coming into the body suit."

"Once you had made a new choice, worked to change the underlying energy fields, and commanded a different outcome, we had permission, indeed requirement, to show you the components that were building to end your life. The "brain glitches" were message givers. We trusted that you would ask us about them and then we could get you to Dr. Wang who would get you to the ultrasound. Even the technician played her part. How many technician tell you anything about what they are seeing? Her friend had been saved from thyroid cancer because of a similar chance ultrasound. The words just slipped out."

"Well, now I know what to do," I said.

I went home and began taking a cleansing level of zeolite and a healing amount of brown seaweed. Both used to remove radiation and to prevent cancer. And I created quiet space to begin conversations with the thyroid energy and a body design team in spirit. I totally know that the woo-woo work of the unseen lays and changes the foundations from which the physical manifests. I had more work to do.... and my children to tell.