Women are Emerging

Women are standing up to take their place in their world is greater and greater numbers. Others are "Measuring" them.

My stand in relationship to women's role in this world has shifted greatly from my birth community's teachings.

If we measure with a ruler with digits missing, the entire structure will be unstable. The same is true with women. If we begin with incorrect or missing truths, their value will be lost. As a Radical Mystic, I will share new views for contemplation.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Garden, Eden, Lilith and Tragedy

Control and disenfranchisement exist beyond ethnicity and color. We are all enslaved in some way. Most of us do no know that we are. I speak of women, their husbands and children in the “privilege” of the West. Slavery, discrimination, discounting, disenfranchisement are alive and well here.

Lillian Tubman in speaking of her work with the Underground Railroad said,”Yes, I saved thousands. I could have saved so many more IF they would have known they were slaves.”
When we wake up to see that enslavement includes millions yet to identify their "chains", our eyes will truly be open to the truth that can allow us to “be free”. Then, we will rise in the numbers needed to end the domination, occupation, entitlement agenda and call forth a new culture for the good of all in the web of life.

How did we get here?

Stories mold the consciousness and the dreams. Goals and actions emerge from this deep, unseen field created by stories. As you look around the world today, realize that what we are experiencing both in our personal lives and within countries is the end result of stories. It is very important that we look for beginnings. There are many cultures, countries, families and even individuals all creating and living stories. Could there be one story that is the foundation for all that we see in the world?

Of course not. However, there is a compilation of Judeo-Christian stories that have had a powerful influence in creating a context that touches millions upon millions within our world.

President Jimmy Carter, as a spokesperson for the Elders, a group of distinguished world leaders said, “We have spend the last two years trying to understand what has lead to the violence that women are experiencing. We have concluded that it is a result of religions where women are denied equal right to serve god, treated as inferior, have lost their feminine deity and are made to be subservient. This sets the example for domineering men to persecute, abuse and deprive women. It is a thread that has not been publicly discussed before.”

Many women are identifying a system that they feel has diminished them, the patriarchy. What is the story that gives the patriarchy rights to dominate? What is the story that women carry that makes subjugation possible?

Why would we even want to examine our stories, the foundations of our culture, our traditions? Well, maybe because the world is in the state it is in? Because what we have isn't working so well. Because those who have been fighting to change the system, those who have been mending those damaged by the system, those who have tried to pretend that all is well are very tired. Because we are on the verge of greater tragedy.

There is a story of a village that was situated on the bank of a magnificent river. The river was the flow of all that was needed for life. One day one of the villagers noticed a basket flooding down the river. Upon investigation, she discovered a swaddled baby tucked into the basket. With great love, she took the baby in. As the day passed more and more baskets with babies came around the bend in the river. So many baskets came that the village was overwhelmed. No one thought to go upstream to discover why so many mothers felt the need to put their babies into the river.

Today, we have so many baskets flooding down our river that even the river itself is tainted.

I suggest that upstream to the beginning is where change must happen. I will tell you a story that may be very different from the one that you were told. Your initial reaction might be one of confusion or even anger.
But, what is the first story many of us have heard about our earth? The garden. The myth of the garden from Judeo-Christian sources.
What do you know about the Garden? It was lush. It sustained life. It was abundant. Everything that human beings needed was found there. It came into existence effortlessly. It was beautiful. The male and female worked harmoniously to cause it to come into being.

That is a lot from just a few words in the myth account.

What do you know about Lilith? Not much I would guess. She is purported to be the first female in partnership with Adam. We can conclude that they worked together to create the Garden. Love, respect, honoring of each other, peaceful and in alignment about life on Earth and being together. Those possibilities are not really mentioned in the handed down story although it is recorded elsewhere.

At some point, Lilith becomes the “bad” one. What did she do or not do? It can be assumed by the symbol of the serpents that she carries, the serpent, the ancient symbol for Wise Teacher that will give us a clue. For that part of the story we can switch to what we have been told about the next female partner, Eve.

When the serpent came to the female, first Lilith and then Eve, it was to invite her to a unique experience, tasting the fruit of the tree so that she could know good and evil. Undoubtedly, Lilith was invited first and like Eve, said yes.
Lilith had the experience. She discovered that all was not well on the planet. She experienced for herself the impact of energy seeds that are based on control, usury, deceit and found it's “taste” was clearly identifiable  It's taste indicated that it would take away the life of the human family and was labeled “evil”.

Then, these other accounts continue, Lilith was told that she would have to become subservient to the male, Adam. Her voice would not be heard or valued. Lilith sensed the “evil” of constriction that came with being subservient. This was not his request. It came from some “god”. She refused. She would not let go of the experience given her by the serpent, the wise teacher. Her hold on the wisdom brought by the serpent was solid. Her commitment to her own sense of knowing was fierce. Her love of the greater family and what would bring them the greatest good was unshakable. Lilith has been demonized because she would not turn her wisdom, voice, discernment over to the male who was under the control of this "god".

Lilith was removed from her place and then we have the story that was spun with Eve. Eve who tasted the tree, knew that good and evil existed and then chose to go into a more subservient role with Adam.

In addition, The Outsiders re-engineered the body suit, the vehicle for the Soul, which left only two power centers intact: Base to survive and Creative morphed to highly sexualizing the Male body suit.

What did women lose by accepting Eve story?
  1. The right to intuit and declare what would cause health and abundance for our families
  2. Our innate Good which was labeled as sinful ­-
  3. A culture that created effortlessly and abundantly.
  4. A culture that lived abundantly, equitable, contributing and thriving by doing we loved
What did women gain by accepting the Eve story?
  1. A hierarchical system with women on the bottom, ruled over by men who are ruled over by “god”
  2. A work ethic that requires human to sweat and be satisfied with “bread”
  3. A state of denial as to what is good for ourselves and those we love and what is not
This story has given way to individuals, groups, governments that target females because they have the ability and right to discern and to call out what is destructive. Eons of destructive behavior; rape, torture, discounting, dismissal, and murder stemmed from the dark commitment to destroy women's will to intuit, stand in clarity and speak the truth. This targeted destruction has informed female decisions to stay small, be nice, be quiet, etc. over the generations. This concept, lost in present thought, exists very powerfully in the knowingness of those who hold the agenda of control and usury. They know the power of women to take away their positions.

Time to put the Garden lie onto the table of awareness. Time to reconnect to the Garden; the time of women's equality and valuing. Time for women to stand together from roots deeper, stronger, older than any man made structure.

Our Lilith is alive and well and we will never let go of our Wisdom, our Vision, our Voice and our Love.

Then the world responds and turns from lead into gold. 
The Alchemy of Women!

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