Women are Emerging

Women are standing up to take their place in their world is greater and greater numbers. Others are "Measuring" them.

My stand in relationship to women's role in this world has shifted greatly from my birth community's teachings.

If we measure with a ruler with digits missing, the entire structure will be unstable. The same is true with women. If we begin with incorrect or missing truths, their value will be lost. As a Radical Mystic, I will share new views for contemplation.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clarity Trumps Anger!

"I totally understand the anger that motivated women to burn their bras in the 1960’s. And although I appreciate that those women stood up, I look around at the opportunities that I have as a woman in 2013 and can’t imagine life without options. 

"What I wonder about is my lack of anger. I know that there are still situations that are not good for women, for children and yet I have enough benefits in my life that I cannot muster up the anger. Anger motivated our mothers, anger fueled their actions and brought them together. Anger caused things to change.

"What about my motivation?"

This was a conversation into which I was invited.  When I am given the floor,  I will bring the mystic view. What is below the seen? What has been hidden in the shadows of the past? What has been buried in the Bones of our Ancestral Mothers?

For generations women gathered together monthly during their menses time. While their younger sisters were gathered, the Elder Crones sat in counsel with their wisdom and insight.  The women sang, they danced. They shared stories. They laughed. They cried. They visioned. Needs were laid in the circle space. Situations looking for solutions were spoken into their circle. The good of their children and loved ones was priority. They counseled together in transparency and wisdom.

These gatherings were not frivolous events. During those times, daily obligations were handled by others . Everyone in the village knew that the clarity and discernment of these women kept the entire village and each families healthy, happy and safe.

Our ancestral mothers were not motivated by anger. They were motivated by their clarity, their belly knowing, by their sacred trust to maintain the environment that allowed their village and families to thrive. Men and women knew that females held the deepest commitment to values that benefited the entire village They knew that women had the sensitivity of belly wisdom to feel when there was any “power gone awry”.

Their sensitivity could discern any shift that brought constriction that would lead to a diminishing of life; greed, deceit, discounting, discrimination, control, abuse, etc. Women spoke their word, "not acceptable", as a command. Whoever had brought these ideas or agendas would be removed. Domination and usury was not allowed in their village.

Anger has occurred because women have been stripped of their right to declare, "not acceptable!" and be heard. 

The Mystic View is that it is women's right to design social cultures that benefit all. This view is what has been discounted by the agenda of Control

What women had been left with was frustration and anger. It was the way that their cries could be expressed. The female's cry was, "This society is under domination, our energy is being sucked away, our children are suffering!" It was the female's cry to wake us up. It was critically important.

It is the female's belly wisdom that remembers that women are the intended architects for good. It is this deep knowing that will lead our world to restore systems that benefit humanity. Clarity of the female mission to stand firmly for cultures and systems of Good will create a culture of thriving rather than entrapment and lack.

Clarity anchors our feet to stay for as long as it takes and say, "not acceptable"! It isn't about power or battles to overwhelm. It is about the right of the female to discern, to speak the truth, to be heard and for changes to be designed.   

And now, there are millions of men who are standing with their global sisters in declaring, "not acceptable!"

The emerging voices of women will not be stopped!

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