Women are Emerging

Women are standing up to take their place in their world is greater and greater numbers. Others are "Measuring" them.

My stand in relationship to women's role in this world has shifted greatly from my birth community's teachings.

If we measure with a ruler with digits missing, the entire structure will be unstable. The same is true with women. If we begin with incorrect or missing truths, their value will be lost. As a Radical Mystic, I will share new views for contemplation.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Woman Stands and the Worlds Re-Arrange...

A journey with Death....

Late February, 2013
A daughter has informed me that through her own personal spiritual guidance that my life would be ending soon and that she and the family needed to get prepared.

I am shocked. I have spent the past three weeks evaluating the condition of my body, my mind, my memory, my energy level and they have all passed with flying colors. I have been telling everyone that in every way, my physical body and mind are better at 71 and 1/2 years old than 10 years ago.

So... off I go to my Spiritual team. "Is this information true?" I ask.

"Oh yes," comes back the answer.

"Well," I reply, "death is not going to happen! My life, my body, my choice!"
This woman took a strong stand for herself!

You see, I was raised in a religious culture that used god to answer all of the difficult questions.
"Why did my dad die?"
                       "God needed his help."
"Why is my brother so sick?"
                       "God is testing him."
"Why does Grandpa act so mean?"
                       "Because God is waiting for  him to learn obedience." And on and on and on...

Well, I am no longer a child. I no longer buy the "god" thing. Over the years, I have developed my own credo, my own value system. It is based on personal experience by working with the concepts, the laws that say,
  • "Ask and you shall receive."
  • "As a man thinketh, so is he."
  • "In the beginning was the Word.... my word."

I was ready to say NO to Death in a very big way.

For three days I applied all of the spiritual guidance, information, healing, transformation, and healing processes that I knew. Along the way I would ask, "Is the death plan gone?"

I continued the work until the answer from my Spiritual team came back, "yes".

That was the first phase of this journey that I didn't know would open up to me now.

What will happen next? Learning I am sure.

I'll share and take you with me on this walk from Death. Doors will have to be opened as I choose the possibility of a greater expression of Life in this physical body suit.


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  1. you are so brave and I am with you waiting to learn from you....