Women are Emerging

Women are standing up to take their place in their world is greater and greater numbers. Others are "Measuring" them.

My stand in relationship to women's role in this world has shifted greatly from my birth community's teachings.

If we measure with a ruler with digits missing, the entire structure will be unstable. The same is true with women. If we begin with incorrect or missing truths, their value will be lost. As a Radical Mystic, I will share new views for contemplation.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Messages Come. Am I Listening?

Death Whispered

As you might guess, when I told my children about the possibility of my death, my new choice and the ultra-sound discovery of problems in the thyroid, they were worried.

No, it was not okay with them for me to do my own work and then recheck the thyroid in one month.
Because I value, needless to say, my relationships with my children, I agreed to make an appointment with my medical doctor. Then, a new turn of events.

I woke up one morning at 3:20 am. Not super unusual, regular sleep break. Then, for the next 2 hours I lay, relaxed, lay, relaxed, lay, quieted my mind, lay... you get the picture.

Just as I was ready to nod off... my alarm went off! This is the same alarm that I had reset the night before because I didn't have an early morning call. Yet, here it was, going off. I touched my iPhone screen, turned over and took a deep breath, still time for a bit of sleep. But, no. I had touched the "snooze" link of the alarm and so it buzzed to alert me again.

For the next hour, I had alarms going off that I didn't see were set when I checked last nite. In all, 7 alarms between 3:50 am and the "real" one at 7:55 am.

What is with that?

Fortunately I have had years to notice energy at the various dimensions of our world. I will not ignore this mornings "alarms" or pass them off as "mistakes" or be angry at the disruptions. Energy, in whatever vibrational form it comes, carries information. With my current journey to stop my own "death" plan, it would be very foolhardy to not recoginize the energy forms of "alarms" and take time to get the message.

First, off to my morning job I said to those sending the alarms, "I got the message that I need to listen. I will take the time right after work and so you can relax, no more alarms." I find that this type of acknowledgement and conversation is important. Working with Spiritual beings is a two way conversations, no assumptions on my part that they are reading my mind.
This has been my experience for over 30 years!

Later that day, I sent to the sacred space I have used for years. Quieted my body, stilled my mind and made myself available to the information that comes beyond the "hearing" of my ears.

My first question, "Who knows the reason for the alarms?"

"I do," came the inner answer.

"What is your message for me?"

"There are more movements in the unseen energy fields that were there to support your plan to end your time in the physical body. Since you have changed that choice, you will need to address the complex energy forms that in process."

"How many patterns," I ask.


And so I turned my attention to ones would could give voice to those patterns which, I discovered, came from past experiences. Using processes from my energy healing toolbox, I discovered the patterns came from experience from the times when women were tortured, burned, and killed by those who feared their power to change structures of domination.The concepts were that life on Earth is not safe, being females is not safe, death is the outcome when a woman speaks out.

I used my Spiritual healing team to embrace and transform those patterns, release the aspects of myself that had been killed, and dissipated the death vibrations.

Messages send, received and applied.

My choice to remain on the planet is in tact...

Now, off to my medical doctor for the Western medical piece.

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  1. Good God Sharon.... what a story! What a ride you have been on. I am in awe of your process...